Young Athletes Open Cross Country Results 2017

Young Athletes Open Cross Country Results 2017

Open Meet 3

Thanks to all ECH & TAC members who helped at the Junior Open Cross-Country event today (Sunday) at Richmond Park Stadium – Particularly Wendy Andrews as main organiser, Martin Lewis (computer and results), George as Hare, Megan as results runner, Saul Gallagher, Martin McGann and Neil for setting up and taking down the course, Eddie as Mr Starter, Geoff Hurst as Starter’s Assistant, Harry and Dennis for time-keeping, Joe Steward for presenting the medals, Sylvia, Sue H and Chris P behind the bar/hatch (we took over £200). Thanks to those not named here (but still very important) for marshalling.  The event ran as smooth as clockwork, despite the difficulty with car parking; there was running, cycling and football events all taking place on the same day, but no tantrums and no trouble.  Thanks to Him above for providing good weather and some very warm sunshine at times. Apologies if I have missed out anyone who should be named.

Well done to all our ECH & TAC youngsters who ran.  Some won medals – individual or team, but whether a medal winner or not, you were all a credit to the club and can be very proud of yourselves.

Phillip Pearson,

President, ECH & TAC.

Click the link below for full results and thanks to Ernie Greenwood for providing the below photo’s for our website. You can see more of Ernie’s work here:

Full results: ech-open-xc


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