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**Thanks to the 40 runners that stormed 400m around the track today to raise some funds for club. We all had a great time and it was nice to see a bit of friendly competition, well done to all! Special thanks to Martin McGann for organising and Eddy Shaw for time keeping**

relay event 1 relay event 2

Inaugural club 100 x 400m (Male) and 100 x 400m (Female) mass world track first attempt will now be held on Sunday 27th September 2015. Time to be arranged.

The club is aiming to set an inaugural club first no one individual athletics running club has ever done in the UK or world. It will be a fund raining club get together fun day. This is a great opportunity for the publicity and promotion of the club. It involves persuading as many of our club members as possible for the challenge to come together to form the two teams of 100 males and 100 females (all ages) in separate events with two participants on the track at all times to run their legs as required relay fashion in the fastest time possible, carrying a baton which must be passed between each competitor wearing a club vest. Each participant can only run once. All legs be timed and recorded for record purposes. The handover of which is subject to the rules set out by IAAF. Participants cannot cross into another lane during attempts the clock stops when the 100th participant crosses the line marking the end of the 400m distance.

We are now calling with and invitation to all our club coaches and running groups within the club to persuade and encourage as many of our members who are willing to get involved and be committed to take part on the day and to forward their names or name to Martin McGann (MALE) and Melanie Kay (FEMALE) as soon as possible sow e can arrange the teams individual number format for start times.

Can we do it and beat all other clubs to it, yes we can. It’s now up to us all to be part of this club team event to create an unique UK world first attempt. More details later on the fun day and fund raising. Ideas welcome.

Martin McGann