Floodlight Switch-on Ceremony

Floodlight Switch-on Ceremony

Floodlight 1

A very big thank you to all our members who were present for the official floodlights switch on ceremony on Tuesday night in the presence of the Mayor of Tameside, Councillor Leigh Drennan.  Also a very big thank you to those younger members (and some older), who put on club colours to complete the ceremonial lap of the track when the lights came on – a great turn-out and an impressive sight.  The Mayor, the Councillors and all the invited guests were extremely impressed with our club and the members.

Altitude Services, who installed the lights, presented us with a cheque for £400 as a donation for our service to the community and that money is to be put into the Floodlights Maintenance fund which we are required to have as part of our agreement with Sport England.

Thanks to our coaches for interrupting or delaying their training sessions and to Sylvia in the clubhouse for putting on an excellent buffet appreciated by the guests and quite a few of our members after training.   Thanks also to those who planned and prepared for the event in advance and on the night.

Understandably, with Government cuts and the Council struggling financially, some people have been prone to criticise Tameside Borough, unaware of their involvement.  However, I cannot praise Tameside enough for their support in the floodlights project, particularly Roger Greenwood, without whom this venture would not have come to fruition.

Finally, thanks to our Fund-Raising Sub-Committee for all their hard work and a job very well done.

Phillip Pearson,

ECH & TAC President

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