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England Athletics – Virtual Club Nights

As you will all be aware club activity has largely had to cease in its normal guise as we stick to the governments guidelines on social distancing and staying at home. As such I have been tasked on behalf of the whole of England Athletics to develop ‘Virtual Club Nights’ as a way to further engage with our members during this incredibly difficult time.

What are Virtual Club Nights?

Virtual club nights are a series of events hosted through the webinar platform or our Facebook live. They work on a four week rotation and combine, Quizzes, Q&As with professional athletes and junior club nights. Each event takes place on a Tuesday evening between 7pm and 8pm.

What’s the schedule?

The first four weeks  with links to book on are as follows:

21st April – The BIG EA Quiz –

28th April – Q&A with Jenny Meadows –

05th May – Q&A with Donna Fraser –

12th May – The BIG EA Quiz – Through the EA Facebook page on Facebook live –

Where can I get any additional Info?

You can find more information on our website here –