Black Knight Charge 2020 – Postponed

Black Knight Charge 2020 – Postponed


Hi all,

Due to the ongoing situation with the Coronavirus pandemic, it is with great disappointment in light of the current circumstances I have made the difficult decision as organiser to hold off on this year’s 2020 East Cheshire Black Knight Charge July 15th event and defer it until July 21st 2021. I am sure everyone will  understand that the decision was taken in the best interest to protect the health of the athletes, their families and everyone involved with the organising of the event, most who are in their seventies is first and foremost. I hope the postponement of the event will contribute positively to the exit of the virus to leave us in a stronger position so we can get through this crisis.

Thank you all for your continued efforts while it’s a strange place we find ourselves in, we can but look forward to the future with optimism in which to commence training and racing as normal in happier circumstances. Hopefully, it will be in the not too distance future.

Take Good Care, Be Vigilant and Stay Safe.


Martin McGann