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ECH Track & Field Award Winners 2021

The club track and field presentation night took place on Saturday 30th October. Well done to all the award winners (in photo and listed below)
Under 11 Girls
3rd – Demi Baxter
2nd – Imogen McBurnie
1st – Olivia Jones

Under 11 boys
3rd – Harry Bird
Equal 1st – Charlie Strachan and Oliver Mannion

Under 13 girls track
3rd – Isla Herring
2nd – Amelia Jones
1st – Ava Royle

Under 13 girls field
Equal 2nd – Anna Rooke and Ava Royle
1st – Amelia Jones

Under 13 boys track
Equal 2nd Alfie Manser and Oliver Walker
1st – Lucas Rhodes

Under 13 boys field
3rd – Oliver Walker
2nd – Seb Stewart
1st – Lucas Rhodes

Under 15 girls track
3rd – Alice Cunningham
2nd – Kayla Corbett
1st – Emily Bowker

Under 15 girls field
Equal 2nd – Emily Bowker and Emily James
1st – Amy Starkey

Under 15 boys track
3rd – Joe Taylor
2nd – Ethan Sykes
1st – Archie McClaren

Under 15 boys field
3rd – Joe Taylor
2nd – Ethan Sykes
1st – Joe Harney

Under 17 women’s track
3rd – Hannah Davies
2nd – Katie Grafton
1st – Emilia Platt

Under 17 women’s field
3rd – Emilia Platt
2nd – Abbie Hirst
1st – May Mannion

Under 17 men’s track
3rd – Kane Grant
2nd – Kayle Herring
1st – James Harney

Under 17 men’s field
1st – James Harney

Under 20 women’s track
3rd – Maddie Vernon
2nd – Sophie Yates
1st – Megan Lewis

Under 20 women’s field
3rd – Maddie Vernon
2nd – Katherine Waters
1st – Megan Lewis

Under 20 men’s track
2nd – Roman Allison
1st – Michael Obi

Senior women’s track
2nd – Hayley Simpson
1st – Michelle Vaughan

Senior women’s field
3rd – Lynne Lockhart
2nd – Beth Pearson
1st – Melanie Lee

Senior men’s track
3rd – John Trotman
2nd – George Lewis
1st – Joe Hudak

Senior men’s field
3rd – Joe Hudak
2nd – George Lewis
1st – Martin Lewis

Most points female – Megan Lewis
Most points male – James Harney

Most improved female – Katie Grafton
Most improved male – Ethan Sykes

Most outstanding female – Lily Murphy
Most outstanding male – James Harney

Most outstanding female vet – Michelle Vaughan
Most outstanding male vet – Mike Coogan

Cheshire League award for most improved junior (Cheryl Trotman award) – Lucas Rhodes