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Barry and Angela win ECH Road Race Championships 2015

East Cheshire Harriers 2015 Road Race Championship

ECH Championships FINAL STANDINGS 2015

Well done to Barry Hirst and Angela Oldham, the deserved winners. The 2016 list of races is being finalised and will be sent out shortly. A big thanks to Janet Grint for all her help on this & Phil Jacques for his input. Also, a big thank you to our sponsors Davenport House Clinic for their prize donations.

6 races to count from the 14 races below (in date order) – 15 including parkrun.

Trafford 10k – 8 March

Wilmslow Half Marathon – 22 March

Salford 10k – 3 April (Good Friday)

Stride Through The Woods 5k – 22 April (Wednesday)


Dovestone Diamond 10k should be 27 May (Wednesday) if same as last year.

Tintwistle Round The Resers  5 mile – (date unknown but based on last year, 17 June) (Wednesday)

Offerton 10k (1 July) (Wednesday)

Black Knight Charge 6 mile (date unknown but based on last year, 22 July) (Wednesday)

Millbrook Monster 10k – 29 July (Wednesday)

Saddleworth 6 (6 mile) (date unknown but based on last year, 12 August) (Wednesday)

*Parkrun (month of September ONLY, see below for full details)

Congleton Half Marathon (date unknown but based on last year, 4 October)

Oldham Half Marathon (date unknown but based on last year, 11 October)

Stockport 10 (10 mile) – (date unknown but based on last year, 6 December)

*Parkrun to count is your BEST age grade score, as per the official parkrun website, at the StamfordPark (if up and running, if not Oldham) Parkrun  for a period of 1 month ONLY – i.e. 4 parkruns from 5th to 26th September inclusive. Your BEST age grade score will used for the points score. If you do more than 1 parkrun in this period, your best score ONLY will count. Other parkruns at different locations DO NOT count. Parkruns at this venue for different dates DO NOT count.

N.B. you have to be registered with parkrun and get an official time and age grade score to count, as recorded on the parkrun results website. Once registered, this is all calculated for you automatically.

RULES (let’s keep them simple)

1 – You must be a fully paid up member of the club.

2 – There are 2 championships – one for ladies, one for men.

3 – Scoring will be based on the age grading system with points being awarded based on you age grade score –e.g. if it is 85.45%, your points for that race will be 85.

4 – In the event of a tie break (i.e. 2 or more people having the same score at the end of the season), the winner will be the person with the HIGHEST points score in their 6th counting event.

e.g .2 people tied on 360 points. Person (a) 6 scoring events were 60, 60, 60, 60, 60, 60 = 360. Person (b) 6 scoring events were 70, 70, 70, 50, 50, 50 = 360. Person (a) wins as their 6th score was 60 whereas person (b)’s 6th score was 50. This is to ensure the most consistent athlete wins.

5 – New clarification rule added 09/03/15 following Trafford 10K – If the race is chip timed, then the chip time will be used, NOT the gun time.

How does age grading work?

The system is known as WAVA  – for age and gender.

The WAVA system uses world record information set by people of all ages, male and female.   For example, the world record marathon time for a 60 year old male is 2:38:15. If you’re a 60 year old male and run a marathon in 4:30:00 you would earn a score of 56.73%, because you ran at just over half the record pace.  That translates into 56.73 points in the competition

Here are some more examples of what the scores would be for 40 and 42 minute times, for a 10k race, for 40 and 50 year old male and female runners:

10K 40 minutes 42 minutes
Man – 40 years old 71.02 67.64
Woman – 40 years old 78.56 74.82
Man – 50 years old 76.74 73.09
Woman – 50 years old 86.70 82.57


The results table might look something like this part way through the season.

R 1 R2 R3 R4 R5  Best Parkrun Total
    Athlete 1 46.55 61.27 78.00 65.32 57.86 85.12 394.12
    Athlete 2 95.27 71.63 78.90 65.43 56.78 99.12 467.13