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North of England 12 stage relays 2017

Well done to the 12 men who took part in the North of England 12 stage relays at Stanley Park in Blackpool on Saturday 25th March. Legs 1,3,5 and 7 were 2 laps over 9.5K and the rest of the legs were 1 lap which were 5.2K long. The course was relatively flat and in nice warm conditions!

46 East Cheshire Harriers & Tames 5:08:13

        Gavin Browne     (47) 34:12
        Barry Hirst      (47) 19:21
        Luke Piper       (44) 33:28
        Derek Hughes     (47) 21:00
        Gary Matthews    (47) 37:17
        Mark Millns      (46) 20:37
        Jonathan Aust    (45) 35:55
        Darren Smith     (46) 21:20
        Alan Kennedy     (46) 20:06
        John Bowker      (46) 21:44
        Timothy Greenald (43) 18:37
        Lee Buckley      (46) 24:36