Floodlight Update

Floodlight Update

Good evening all,

On behalf of our sub-committee I am updating you on the New Floodlights Project. The tender process was completed a couple of weeks ago and the results have been evaluated. Unfortunately “we” only received two bids one at £88,500 and one much higher. Sport England’s conditions requires a minimum of three as well as a lot of other submissions.

We have spoken to Sport England and been told that provided we submit copies of the bids and an explanation of the process including the names of the contractors who didn’t bid then their Board should be sympathetic to our project going ahead.

There will be a charge from Tameside of about £4,000 for dealing with the Tender process which will increase the cost to about £92,500. With the funds to date, the funding promised by Tameside and the conditional offer from Sport England we will get to £85,000. We are therefore about £7,000 short. Although we have a couple of applications in for about £1,000 each for additional fundraising we don’t know if these will succeed.


Francis Day