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England Athletics – volunteer survey

We need the views of your volunteers

England Athletics plans to invest significant focus in our future work with volunteers, but first we need to test a number of well-established views to better understand both the barriers and motivations in volunteering before we take action and impact real sustainable change.
We would therefore like you to share the following survey with the volunteers at your club. We would like as many individuals as possible to respond, rather than a single response per club, so we can gather as much information and evidence in this area as we can.
Please ask them to go to to complete the survey. This survey will take approximately 20 minutes to complete. While people may have given their views to England Athletics in different ways over recent months or years this survey is an essential way of gaining a clear understanding of the views of volunteers across the sport.
England Athletics have identified volunteering as a critical area of focus moving forward, in the words of England Athletics Chief Executive Chris Jones, “Supporting and building the capacity and diversity of our volunteer workforce is absolutely key to sustaining and growing our great sport across all forms. Volunteering is at the forefront of our recently published strategic priorities and is integral to the future health of our sport. Without volunteers our sport would cease to exist as we realise it. Volunteers have been the consistent ingredient behind the growth in athletics and running participation during the last decade.  This research is fundamentally important and we need the views and insights from a variety of informed individuals and organisations if we are to truly make a lasting difference.”
The more people who can spare time to completing it, the more we can understand everyone’s views. There is an opportunity to add any additional comments at the end of this survey if you wish to say things that aren’t directly discussed in the questions.
Everyone who completes the survey can also opt to be included in a prize draw to win an England Athletics goody bag.
You can also feed in your views on these and wider issues throughout the year by contacting your Regional Councillors – see the ‘About us’ section for your area at Clubs can also speak to their Club and Coach Support Officer (CCSO). Many thanks for all that you and your club’s volunteers do for the sport.