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East Cheshire in the positive light

East Cheshire have received 2 e-mails after the Black Knight Charge (below). It’s good to see people complimenting us.

[blockquote align=”center” cite=”Steve Webb – Belle Vue Racers and Congleton Harriers”]Hi, I pulled out of tonight’s Black Knight Charge due to an Achilles injury. One of your marshals / volunteers caught up with me on my hobble from the race to the clubhouse and took the trouble to ask if I was OK and offer me lots of advice about my injury. Her name was Chris, please let her know that I was very grateful, she helped ease the the disappointment of not being able to complete your excellent race (one of my favorite events)! Many thanks[/blockquote]
[blockquote cite=”Jenny Chapman”]Good morning Please could you pass on the very grateful thanks of myself and my two fellow runners to the marshals on duty on the Black Knight race. I support a running group at the school where we work and we have named ourselves Canon Burrows Trotters. The two ladies I supported at the race have never competed in a race before, Sophie had only have run 5 miles previously and the Naomi hadn’t run 6 miles this year. I am so proud that these ladies took up my challenge and completed your race, especially when it isn’t quite the flatish of courses! All the marshals were so supportive and encouraging to them and special thanks to back run Bev, she really helped to keep them going, even sharing recipe advice towards the end.. Ha ha… We are also grateful to everyone at the end for their enthusiastic reception, even though we kept everyone waiting, never once did we feel hurried or an inconvenience. It is this fantastic first race experience that will encourage Naomi and Sophie to take on further challenges. Thanks[/blockquote]